Dörfelt/Ruske: Die pileaten Porlinge Mitteleuropas

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This volume is designed to be able to determine with relatively simple means the pileatenPoriales of Central Europe. Numerous colored illustrations help the reader to identify poroid pileate fungi. Since the determination of species requires some experience, the detailed photos in color help even less experienced nature lovers.

The reader will be introduced in a first part of the morphology and anatomy of the pileate poroid fungi, before being discussed in a second part closer to the individual species. Interesting facts about the distribution, the use or explanations of unusual names such as tinder sponge, Apothekerschwamm, Pflaumenbaumporling or Schwefelporling flow between the species descriptions.

Practitioners, ecologists and also conservationists should be a guide to working with the Porlingen through his references to all European species.
german language!
Springer Spektrum; Auflage: 1. Aufl. 2018 (5. Juni 2018)
380 pages
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