Die "Gattung" Hemimycena in Schleswig-Holstein

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Heinrich Lehmann/Matthias Lüderitz

unter Mitarbeit von Bálint Dima


"Hemimycenoide Pilze" ss. Antonin & Noordeloos, Artbeschreibungen, Kartier- und Bestimmungshilfen, Verwechslungsarten, Phylogenie und taxonomische Neubewertung der "Gattung" Hemimycena

The "genus" Hemimycena in Schleswig-Holstein with a preliminary revision of the polyphyletic "morpho-complex" Hemimycena

424 Seiten, Hardcover, 570 farbige Abbildungen, 17 Zeichnungen und 26 Tabellen

Kiel, 2018


The book provides a comprehensive overview about the difficult, but very beautiful group of „tiny white agarics“. Hemimycenoid fungi and several further genera and species of little white agarics, which could resemble Hemimycena (all about 220 species) are provided with about 600 colour photographs, line drawings and tables. The book provides also a first phylogenetical interpretation of the “morpho-complex” Hemimycena ss. lat. (in collaboration with Bálint Dima). Important chapters and keys also in English.

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