FND 45: Entoloma nuevos o interesantes de la Península Ibérica (2)

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Entoloma nuevos o interesantes de la Península Ibérica (2)


An array of 39 taxa of the genus Entoloma collected in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Catalonia, are described or discussed. Line drawings of the microscopic features and color pictures of the habitus are afforded. Some of the identified species are particularly interesting, namely: E. defibulatum, E. henricii, E. kristiansenii, E. mutabilipes, E. odoratum, E. rhombisporum var. floccipes, E. rhynchocystidiatum, E. sanvitalense, E. sarcitum, E. weholtii and Rhodocybe zuccherellii. We propose three new taxa: E. papillatum var. cystidiophorum, E. cistoumbonatum and E. fuscobrunneipes. Edizioni Candusso


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