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All parcels abroad that I have shipped with DHL since the end of July are just coming back! I will only send abroad again when I have replies from DHL.

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Book sales should also only continue to a limited extent this autumn. Please be prepared for longer processing times.

New Polypores of Mediterranean Region

A. Bernicchia & S.P. Gorjón

Romar 2020


95.00 *
In stock

New Morilles de France et d´Europe

Philippe CLOWEZ & Pierre-Arthur MOREAU


79.00 *
In stock


1.00 *
In stock

New Rapp: Moose des Waldbodens

Der Bestimmungsführer

1. Aufl.  2020

39.90 *
In stock

New Kibby: Mushrooms and toadstoals of Britain and Europe Volume 2

Agarics - part 1

750 species illustrated in colour

43.00 *
Not in stock
This product is subject to possible delivery delays.

Laessoe/Petersen: Fungi of Temperate Europe


2 volumes

105.00 *
In stock

Julia Kruse: Faszinierende Pflanzenpilze Erkennen und Bestimmen

Quelle und Meyer 2019

39.95 *
In stock

Danmarks Svampeatlas 2009-2013

J. Heilmann-Clausen, T. Guldberg Froslev, T. Laessoe, J. H. Petersen, 2019

42.00 *
In stock

Collins Fungi Guide

The most complete field guide to the mushrooms & toadstools of Britain & Ireland

Stefan Buczacki and Chris Shields & Denys Ovenden

28.00 *
In stock
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