In the end I still have various problems - my PC has been out of order but I will hopefully get it back soon. Since I am in the middle of field work, which cannot be moved, and DHL can only take a limited number of parcels per day, everything is currently being delayed a bit.



Since now we will only send by DHL.

The shipping costs have changed accordingly.


Comment on the text by Andreas: I will definitely continue to sell mushroom books, but unfortunately it is not so easy for me - because I have massive problems with the accounting for Myko-Shop.


Dear customers,

The Myco-shop will  close.

By enclosing flyers, I inform you that there are currently other opinions that are not heard. Opinions, thoughts and words alone have never been dangerous. They can be dangerous when people stop creating a picture for themselves and follow leaders alone. Action that is not guided by humanity and benevolence is dangerous. Only when one can look freely in all directions can one approach the truth.

Since I am violating the General Data Protection Regulation by enclosing the flyer and "misusing" the address data and there is a corresponding threat of punishment, I could only continue the Myko shop as a faceless being. That contradicts my principles.

I have a deadline to respond to the threat, therefore you can  order online until October 31.

The books that I still have in my inventory can still be sent by me privately for the Myko shop. Please send an email to or I can still sell what I have left. I will not reorder anything. If you order in this way, you should expect flyers to be enclosed, if you do not want this, you will certainly find other sources. The “Pilzkompendium 2-4” as well as “Die Gattung Hemimycena in Schleswig-Holstein” will be sent out on request in the form of flyers, even without the thought-provoking impetus, as there is currently no other way to order these books.

I want to live in a world where humanity is not destroyed by rules, laws and regulations. Myko-Shop was intended as a service for those interested in mushrooms. Various new laws in Germany in the last three years have made work more and more bureaucratized and the shop has also reached a size that is difficult for me to manage on my own. The hurdles not to turn the shop into a faceless mass production were getting bigger and bigger. The threat of filing a complaint with the state data protection officer has now accelerated the end a bit, which was already inevitable due to Andreas' desire to get out in the middle of the tax year and in the middle of the mushroom season so that he would no longer be associated with me.

An opinion is a perspective and every person has a different perspective on the world due to a thousand factors. Everyone has good reasons for their opinion and it expands one's perspective immensely when one listens to one another - directly from person to person - and not just listening to authorities.

Many people are currently losing their jobs in Germany just because they have left the realm of permitted opinions. The discrimination of people who look for the truth outside of the permitted worldview is getting more and more socially acceptable, and is often the best way not to be suspected of thinking differently from the majority - what is called "dangerous". But every individual is responsible for his or her own actions - and no regulation, no law, no instructions from superiors can take away this responsibility. I can't help but use my reach to show that I can't believe the (mostly very emotionally) conveyed narrative.

Since it is mushroom season now, I won't check the mails every day!

Please do not try to change my mind! It's hard enough.


Tanja Böhning