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Knudsen/Vesterhold: Funga Nordica 2. edition

Agaricoid, boletoid and cyphelloid genera


Reprint of the 2nd edition

sold out soon

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New Laessoe/Petersen: Fungi of Temperate Europe

2019    Available again in the end of november

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New Julia Kruse: Faszinierende Pflanzenpilze Erkennen und Bestimmen

Quelle und Meyer 2019

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New Die Großpilze Jenas




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New Sphagnum mosses - The Stars of European Mires

Jukka Laine, Kjell Ivar Flatberg, Pirkko Harju, Tuuli Timonen, Kari Minkkinen, Anna Laine, Eeva-Stiina Tuittila, Harri Vasander



Helsinki 2018

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Danmarks Svampeatlas 2009-2013

J. Heilmann-Clausen, T. Guldberg Froslev, T. Laessoe, J. H. Petersen, 2019

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Hugill/Lucas: The Resupinates of Hampshire

 3rd edition 2019

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Collins Fungi Guide

The most complete field guide to the mushrooms & toadstools of Britain & Ireland

Stefan Buczacki and Chris Shields & Denys Ovenden

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Flora Agaricina Neerlandica 7


-soon available-

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