Epilithtic macrolichens of Estonia

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RANDLANE, T., SAAG, A., MARTIN, L., TIMDAL, E. & NIMIS, P.L. (2015) - Epiphytic macrolichens of Estonia

Throughout trilingual english/estonian/russian, with determination keys, species descriptions and approx. 400 colour fotos.

This handbook focuses on epilithic macrolichens of Estonia and presents information on all 108 recorded species in three languages - Estonian, English and Russian. An illustrated identification key, a glossary of specific terms and short desceiptions of the species with numerous pictures are provided. Hopefully, this format will render it accessible to anyone interested in the wonderfully diverse world of lichens.

Tartu University 2015


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Epiphytic macrolichens of Estonia Epiphytic macrolichens of Estonia
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