Fungi europaei 7: Lactarius

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FUNGI EUROPAEI - VOL. 7 LACTARIUS BASSO In the present work 112 specie, 6 varieties and 2 forms belonging to the genus Lactarius, collected in Europe, are described with micrographs, photographs and water-colour plates. Also 25 unpublished colour-plates, concerning 26 species of the genus Lactarius, painted under the supervision of E.M. Fries and preserved in the Swedish Museum of Natural History of Stockholm, are published. 1999, ISBN 88-87740-00-3, 845 pp., hardback, 245mm x 180mm, 62 colour plates, 121 colour photos, 141 micrograph, in italian, mat./methods and keys also in english. 845 S., 183 Farb- und 141 s/w-Abbildungen Edizioni Candusso
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