Synopsis fungorum 12: The genus Aleurodiscus

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Synopsis Fungorum 12 

The genus Aleurodiscus 


By: Nuñez, M. & L. Ryvarden 



164 pages,  published 5 April 1997


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71 species of Aleurocystidiellum and Aleurodiscus s. lato are described and illustrated, mainly on basis of types or authentic specimens. Dichotomous and synoptic keys are provided for all species and related genera. A nomenclator to all names published in the genera is provided. Generic divisions within Aleurodiscus are shown to be untenable because of transitions in all series of characters used in previous attempts to subdivide the genus.


The following  genera are placed in synonymy with  Aleurodiscus: Acanthophysellum, Acanthophysium, Gloeosoma,  Acanthobasidium  and Aleurobotrys.


Aleurodiscus andinus  Nunez & Ryvarden, Aleurodiscus cupulatus, Nunez & Ryvarden, Aleurodiscus fuegianus Nunez & Ryvarden, Aleurodiscus microcarpus Nunez & Ryvarden, Aleurodiscus parvisporus Nunez & Ryvarden and Aleurodiscus rimulosus Nunez & Ryvarden are described as new.

The following combinations are proposed: Aleurodiscus antarcticus (Spegazz.) Ryvarden, Aleurodiscus bisporum (Boidin & Lanq.) Nunez & Ryvarden, Aleurodiscus buxicola  (Boidin & Lanq.) Nunez & Ryvarden,  Aleurodiscus phragmitis (Boidin & Lanq.) Nunez & Ryv.,  Aleurodiscus propinquum  (Boidin & Gilles.) Nunez & Ryvarden, and  Aleurodiscus thoenii (Boidin & Gilles) Nunez & Ryvarden.

Aleurodiscus pateriformis G.H. Cunn. and A. piceiformis Lyon & Lemke are placed in synonymy with A. parmuliformis G. H. Cunn. and A. farlowii Burt, respectively.

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