Fungi Europaei 14 A: Hebeloma Supplement

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Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm. – Suppl. - based on collections of Italy

Table of Contents: Foreword, Acknowledgments, I Introduction, II Observational protocol, descriptive terminology and coding conventions, III Determining the correct sections, Key to Hebeloma sections, Key to Hebeloma section Denudata, IV An overview of the species confirmed in Italy, Taxonomy, V Hebeloma section Hebeloma, VI Hebeloma section Denudata, Hebeloma subsection Crustuliniformia, Hebeloma subsection Clepsydroida, Hebeloma subsection Echinospora, Hebeloma subsection Hiemalia, VII Hebeloma section Sinapizantia, VIII Hebeloma section Velutipes, IX Hebeloma section Duracinus, X Hebeloma section Myxocybe, XI Hebeloma section Naviculospora, XII Hebeloma section Scabrispora, XIII Hebeloma section Syrjense, XIV Hebeloma section Theobromina, XV Hebeloma section Sacchariolentia, XVI Hebeloma section Porphyrospora, XVII Hebeloma section Pseudoamarescens, XVIII European Hebeloma species not yet confirmed from Italy, Alpine or arctic species not yet confirmed from Italy, Boreal or subalpine species not yet confirmed from Italy, Other species not yet confirmed in Italy, XIX Final Remark, XX Bibliography, XXI Iconography, XXII General keys, German key, French key, Italian key, Taxonomic Index.

Chiavi di determinazione di tutte le specie europee in lingua italiana, inglese, tedesca e francese.

2020, volume di 470 pagine, 86 micrografie, 294 fotocolor, testo in inglese, chiavi in tedesco, francese e italiano, formato 245mm x 180 mm, ISBN 978-88-943710-1-7


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Fungi Europaei 14: Hebeloma Fungi Europaei 14: Hebeloma
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