Fungi europaei 12: Corticiaceae s.l.

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This work includes almost all european species and genera, with splendid photographs made by some specialists of the subject and completed with a plate of micrographs made by one of the Authors (S.P. Gorjón). By the recent studies of molecolar biology, the Authors have apprehended that they could include (in this work) also different genera like Auriscalpium, Hericium, Cotylidia, Sistotrema, Stereum, etc. This volume is completed by a paragraph on ecology of the Corticiaceae and an extensive glossary in B / W to make this easy to read even for those who until now did not know this fascinating world.

2010, 1008 Seiten,

englischer Text, Schlüssel zu den Arten in englisch, englisch/italienische Gattungsschlüssel,

Größe: 245 mm x 180 mm, 455 micrographs in s/w und 427 Farbfotos.


Sprache: englisch

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