Fungi europaei 11: Bolbitiaceae

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FUNGI EUROPAEI - VOL. 11 BOLBITIACEAE HAUSKNECHT In this monograph, the author describes and illustrates all the species ascribed to the genera Conocybe and Pholiotina known from Europe to date. The descriptions are complemented with maps of their distribution on the European continent and with the micrographs of each and every species drawn by the author himself. The systematic and taxonomic treatment presented in this work is not conflictive with the new evidence from recent molecular studies. The numerous photographs illustrating the volume were made available by virtue of the helpful collaboration of many mycologists from all over the world, while G. Kovac's colour plates were skillfully painted under the direction of the author. In addition, all the doubtful or little-known species of the two genera presented are discussed and in case excluded. 2009, 968 pag., eng./german/ital., 245 mm x 180 mm, 150 micrographs B/N, 154 maps, 46 coloured plates and 403 photographs. Edizioni Candusso

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