Fungi europaei 1 - Agaricus

Fungi europaei 1 - Agaricus

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Agaricus l. - Allopsalliota

This first part is dedicated to the study of the main characters of the genus Agaricus, the taxonomy and Spanish, Italian and English keys.

The work contains the sections Agaricus, Bivelares, Chitonioides, Sanguinolenti (with their subsections Bohusia e Silvatici) and Spissicaulis. The volume also includes four appendices and an excellent iconography with photographs and colour plates. In addition a rich bibliography and a general index are included.


824 pp.,

hardback, 245mm x 180mm, 114 black and white micrographies, 396 photocolor and 42 colour plates.


Sprache: englisch und spanisch


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Fungi europaei 1 - Agaricus (Parte II) Fungi europaei 1 - Agaricus (Parte II)
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