Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland - a field guide

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British Bryological Society 2010

edited by Ian Atherton, Sam Bosanquet, Mark Lawley

848 Seiten

produced by a team of expert bryologists, this is the only modern field guide to mosses and liverworts of Britain and Ireland, enabling you to identify many of them with a hand lens in the field.

The guide helps you to find out:

what mosses and liverworts look like -

- photographs of whole plants

-higher magnification drawings and photographs of important distinguishing features

how to identify them -

- notes for identifying and distinguishing from similar species

- a field key and picture galleries directing you to the part of the field guide featuring the plant you are trying to identify

where they grow

-distribution map

- habitat notes help you decide if you have correctly identified a plant

The illustrations and non-technical descriptions and keys are invaluable aids to identification for beginners, while experienced bryologists will wish to carry the guide as an aide-memoire.

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